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Wearables In Menswear
25 Sep 2014

As much as I am a traditionalist, it’s hard not to talk about wearables and the impact they will have on menswear in the coming future. With so many technology companies throwing their name in the hat, the market always seems to be crowded with wearables. Within the next six to twelve months, there will […]

Breaking Down Menswear Trends Via Spring/Summer 2015 NYFW Street Style Photos
11 Sep 2014

With New York Fashion Week (NYFW)  in full swing, you’re probably overwhelmed by the coverage of multiple runway shows and tweets on your timeline and backstage instagram shots from your favourite designers. Even when if I’m not in New York during Fashion Week, I always look forward to the street style photos that come with […]

Suitsupply Fall/Winter 2014
9 Sep 2014

Whenever I get asked from my friends on where is a good spot to buy a suit or for some finely tailored menswear classics, I always point them towards Suitsupply. The dutch based suit company has created the perfect blend of stylish european tailoring with quality and affordability  in mind. Whether you’re just getting into […]

Four Foundation Menswear Items to Pick up for Fall
2 Sep 2014

Menswear these days gets a bad reputation of being over complicated and intimidating for men. Yes, there are certain “rules” and dos and don’ts, but for the most part, the current movement of men’s fashion has shifted towards personal style and wearing what are comfortable with rather than follow strict guidelines. Even with menswear opening […]