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Spring Essentials: Contrasting Black & White
27 May 2014

 This spring/summer, one trend many men have the opportunity to hop on is the increasingly popular colour trend of contrasting black & white.  It’s another colour trend that is easily accessible, and can be pulled off without really buying any new apparel; that’s assuming you own things such as a white t-shirt, white sneakers, black […]

Five Ways to Dress Down Your Summer Suit
20 May 2014

If you invested in a suit for the warmer months, why not get as much return on your investment? Wearing a suit when you’re not required to will make you stand out, but in a good way. Being a little overdressed is a hell of lot better than to be underdressed. Instead of just waiting […]

Bather Trunk Company
13 May 2014

With summer vacation currently being planned and booked, many of us are eagerly anticipating the hot weather that is bound to be coming in the next few weeks. Beach wear is one area in menswear that seems to get overlooked.  There’s no doubt we’re seeing men take a more conscious approach to style over the […]

Spring Essentials: Indigo
6 May 2014

Every year in the world of fashion there are certain colours that are highlighted and are seen as the “it” colours of the season. Usually, these are colours many of us don’t have in our current wardrobes and if you want to follow the trends, you’d have to shell out money to purchase that “it” […]