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Winter Essentials: Wool Tie
19 Dec 2013

Living in Toronto, it’s hard to relate to some of the fashion & style trends that are popular in other cities. I would love to be able to wear a modern tweed jacket out the door, but when it’s minus fifteen Celsius, you can’t really do that in my city. One winter trend that every […]

What to Wear : Company Holiday Party
13 Dec 2013

During the holiday season, one of the big events leading to Christmas Eve is the work company party. Whether you enjoy it or not, looking appropriate at the big company events matters; impressions can definitely be made. We all know the individuals who show up at the company social gatherings with the dreaded Santa Clause […]

Speaking of Style Menswear Gift Guide
11 Dec 2013

Other than the sub zero temperatures and maybe the nonstop holiday songs on repeat, there isn’t much else to dislike about the start of December. The holidays are right around the corner, and everyone is in the holiday spirit. For the next few weeks, everyone will be spending some time buying gifts for friends and […]

Fall/Winter Essentials: Sweatshirts
5 Dec 2013

Athletic apparel has definitely made a comeback in menswear. These past few years, we’ve seen many athletic inspired silhouettes like new aged sweatpants and varsity jackets, which has not only made a comeback, but are now menswear mainstays. This season, another member of the athletic apparel that has been has been re-invented and modernized to […]