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Fall Essentials : M1 Bomber Jacket
26 Sep 2013

History of the M1 Bomber Jacket    The M1 Bomber Jacket is the perfect jacket for the early fall.  It’s the perfect option with the weather being in-between cold and hot. Like many other menswear silhouettes, the M1 Bomber has a military influence. With the invention of aircrafts that were able to fly at higher […]

Todd Snyder X Champion
23 Sep 2013

Todd Snyder has been at the forefront of menswear design since launching his personal line in 2011. Snyder, known for his classic American tailoring with a modern twist, has been getting everyone from fashion enthusiasts to everyday Joes coveting this collection. Having completed successful collaborations in the past (Todd Snyder X Gap), Snyder took his […]

NYFW: Mark McNairy Spring Summer 2014
16 Sep 2013

If you follow the menswear scene, Mark McNairy is a designer that is well respected and known for following the beat to his own drum. McNairy (some people refer to him as “Mcnasty’) designs and creations have always tried to push the menswear to new heights. McNairy refers to his style and designs as “smart, […]

Responding to Succumbing to the Tyranny of #Menswear
5 Sep 2013

There has been a buzz within menswear bloggers with the recently published article in the Wall Street Journal, “The Succumbing to the Tyranny of #menswear by Alex Aciman”.  Aciman explains how #menswear is nothing more than a copy cat illusion. While men think are developing rich senses of personal style, they’re only emulating the endless […]