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Speaking Of Style’s week via Instagram
28 Jan 2013

Random outfit of the day : plaid shirt , cardigan . Jordan’s , beanie   New gadget / coffee machine  First time thrifting , managed to score this.  Messing around in the new shooting space Saturday mornings , reading material and espresso  Hong Kong , Soho District  If you would like to see more pictures , please follow us on instagram @speakingofstyle/

Winter Essentials : Layering Part 2
24 Jan 2013

Winter is no joke where I live. Currently, the weather in Toronto has reached sub zero temperatures (feels like minus 19 with wind-chill). Living in a city where old man winter is so bitter and spiteful, I’ve gotten more than enough opportunities to experiment with layering. Here are some of suggestions: I always like to […]

Speaking Of Style’s week via Instagram
21 Jan 2013

The morning routine – Starbucks  Outfit Of The Day – Jordan IV’s , blue oxford button up , Stussy beanie  Momofuku – Noodle Bar  Speacial thanks to  Mahayatra for a great looking scarf.  Outfit of the Day – Red wing boots , striped sweater  My Homies  Outfit of the Day- Polka dot button up , Nike […]

Deborah Henning Talks Fashion & Style
17 Jan 2013

Here at Speaking of Style, we are always seeking to meet up and feature unique individuals in the Fashion industry.  On a recent trip to New York, I got a chance to meet Deborah Henning, an up and coming  designer. We were lucky enough to receive an interview with Deborah. In the interview, she touches […]

Speaking of Style X Instagram
14 Jan 2013

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a big fan of instagram. The picture sharing social network is a great tool to discover and share inspirations. We’ll be trying something new at Speaking of Style. There will now be a weekly post featuring the various pictures that were posted on the Speaking of Style […]

Dressing for winter in Hong Kong
10 Jan 2013

Over this past Christmas, I had the fortunate opportunity to travel to Hong Kong. There is no other city in the world like Hong Kong; the city never sleeps, always vibrant and has the perfect blend of east and west cultures. Dressing for Hong Kong can be tricky in the winter time. The city hovers […]