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Fall Essentials: Field Jacket
27 Sep 2012

Its official, summer is officially over and the fall season is now upon us. Dressing for fall takes a bit of creativity. Getting dressed for summer is relatively easy.  You throw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and walk out the door. Fall temperatures can rise and fall in an instant. Dressing for […]

Fall Essentials : The Sports Coat Two ways
20 Sep 2012

Fall is quickly approaching. Like it or not, it’s time to put away the shorts and t-shirts and start incorporating fall essentials into our wardrobes. With the weather being mild and comfortable in Toronto, there is no better time to incorporate a sports coat into your fall ensemble. A sports coat is simply a tailored […]

Fall Essentials : The Camouflage Cap
17 Sep 2012

Camo is King  Camouflage is a fashion trend that does not seem to be going anywhere.  Almost every designer and brand is now incorporating some variation of camouflage into their designs. Camouflage is here to stay. Over the past year, I have curtailed my posts to stress how personal style will always overshadow following fashion […]

Cole Haan Oxfords
13 Sep 2012

Dress Shoes vs Sneakers As my personal style continues to evolve, I started to notice the majority of my wardrobe didn’t necessarily jive with my sneaker collection.  Dress shoes never spoke to me the way sneakers did. I always considered dress shoes to be uncomfortable, plain and mundane.  Sneakers on the other hand were the exact […]

Fashion’s Night Out
10 Sep 2012

On September the 6th, the city of Toronto finally had a chance to experience Fashion’s Night Out. Fashion’s Night Out is a yearly event that started in New York City in 2009. In an attempt to boost the local economy and encourage customers to continue to assist the fashion industry, multiple stores around New York […]

Last Night by Stephanie Liu
4 Sep 2012

The Power of the Modern Fashion Blogger Within the past year, I have noticed a paradigm shift with how bloggers are perceived and treated. We are now taken seriously. We have the power to influence the masses as a reliable source of inspiration. Our creditability as individual curators of fashion and style has reached new […]