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Summer Essentials – Tribal Prints
27 Jul 2012

We all have our summer time staples. All of us have the summer time shorts; running shoes and polo shirts in our closets. These staples are great, however, they don’t necessarily differentiate yourself from the dude next to you.  If you’re looking to add some punch to your wardrobe, look no further then adding some […]

Rainbow Ombre Nails!
25 Jul 2012

For the longest time I’ve been addicted to dark nail colours like red and deep brown because these shades make my fingers look whiter, longer and they’re good with any outfits. One night while browsing through Instagram, one pic caught my eye and it was of a ombre nail manicure. So I decided to google […]

Embracing and Dressing for Summer
20 Jul 2012

Ever since the inception of Speaking of Style, I  had the fortunate opportunity to read, follow and meet many fellow female bloggers. A lot of the times, I am unable to relate to their blog posts directly.  For example, when they blog about a particular outfit like what the hell is a romper or their […]

Summer Essentials – Tank Tops
14 Jul 2012

July can be one of the hotter months of the calendar year for most cities. Let’s be realistic. When the temperature feels like 40°C with the humidex, looking presentable and stylish isn’t on the priority list. If you are looking to beat the heat and want to look good doing it, it’s time to invest […]

Summer Essentials – The Pocket Tee
14 Jul 2012

Let’s be honest, when it comes to dressing for summer most men gravitate towards more casual pieces such as t-shirts and shorts. We often leave the dress shirts and button ups in the closest due to the fact that it’s just too hot to be wearing any kind of long sleeves in the summer. Don’t […]