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Summer Essentials – Horizontal Stripes
21 Jun 2012

With summer in full effect, one essential that every man should incorporate into their wardrobe is horizontal stripes.  It is a trend that never really went out of style, but played a subtle role in menswear. This season, stripes are at the forefront of menswear trends and are just about everywhere. Horizontal Stripes are easy […]

Interview: Kristen Lam Talks Fashion and Personal Style
15 Jun 2012

Before starting Speaking of Style, I must admit my knowledge of women’s fashion was fairly modest. Most of my knowledge up until that point had come from either ads in magazines or through the high-end brands on display in department stores. This, of course, gave me a very narrow understanding of fashion from a females […]

Vegas – Style with Comfort
13 Jun 2012

It’s peak summer time so I thought why not make a post on my recent travel to Vegas! The trip was for my girlfriend’s bachelorette and it was also my first time to Vegas. Being a Vegas virgin, it was quite hard to pick out the outfits to bring since I’ve never experienced its weather […]

Lost & Found
10 Jun 2012

Lost and Found is an up and coming Toronto fashion boutique that truly offers a unique experience to customers.  Most of us at some point have wandered into a boutique where the primary focus for the sales associate is for you to buy as much as possible, creating an unpleasant atmosphere. Lost and Found takes […]

Algonquin Luxe: Roots/ Chivas Event
5 Jun 2012

Being a Toronto fashion blogger, we always look forward to working with and meeting local individuals and brands. Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend Algonquin Luxe; an evening co-hosted by Roots and Chivas Regal. Roots are a Canadian Fashion label that specializes in genuine leather products and authentic athletic wear. The company’s first […]