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Spring/Summer Essentials – The All Print Shirt
31 May 2012

Dressing for summer should be fun.  The season gives you the opportunity to be creative and experiment with mixing and matching different summer fabrics, colours and patterns. One shirt I think every man should at least try and experiment with this season is the all print shirt. If you already haven’t noticed, one spring/summer trend […]

Classing Up Camouflage
23 May 2012

I think you all know by now that I have a ridiculous obsession with the camouflage pattern. There is something about the military inspired pattern that I find very appealing. I started my camo obsession with a modified pair of authentic army fatigues that were cut slim; Since then I have been addicted ever since. […]

Spring Essentials – The Stripped Knit Tie
16 May 2012

Most men think of ties only as work  or formal wear. I could not disagree with this misconception. One accessory I think every man should own and wear more often this spring/summer is a striped knit tie. Knit ties are the perfect tie for spring/summer. They are classic, lightweight, and give you that European flare […]

Spring is Here!! Maxi Dress~~~
15 May 2012

It’s finally feeling more like Spring with the 20+ weathers, which means it’s time to bring out the summer stuff! But before you get too excited on getting into those short shorts and other summer goodies, keep in mind that the temperature still fluctuates tremendously between morning and night. Nothing brings out the Spring spirit […]

The Everyday Spring Look
8 May 2012

Normally my blog post are centered on what I feel are “essentials” in a man’s wardrobe. I usually highlight a particular “essential” and try to show everyone some different looks , hoping to inspire you through my words and pictures. This week I would like to try something completely different and focus more on my […]