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Spring Essentials: Scarves
28 Mar 2012

When it comes to dressing for spring, men often dress as if were the middle of summer. Whenever the temperature rises above 15°C, the flip flops, shorts, and bright polo shirts start to make its way on to the streets. What men often forget is that spring is a transitional season: The temperature dips from […]

WoodLawn Shop
23 Mar 2012

Woodlawn is an up and coming Toronto Fashion Boutique that is offering unique and quality apparel for both men and women. We were lucky enough to ask Ainaz Maleko, a co-founder of Woodlawn some questions on how the boutique came to be as well as her thoughts on the Toronto Fashion scene. How did Woodlawn […]

Style Icon: Neelesh Mistry – Part 2
20 Mar 2012

Here is part 2 of our interview with Neelesh In this section Neelesh touches on topics Toronto Style , men’s essentials  and his favorite blogs , enjoy! Who do you think are the few people who are influencing Toronto style? I think it varies obviously from person to person depending on the style that people […]

How to Wear the Air Jordan IV
13 Mar 2012

The problem with retro Jordan’s is that they are not readily available at any time; the Jordan brand only re-releases certain models every year. With only so many available and released every year, self-confessed sneaker heads like myself went into panic mode when the Jordan IV white cements were released this February. I needed them […]

Style Icon : Neelesh Mistry
8 Mar 2012

Arun and I had a chance to sit down with Neelesh Mistry an up and coming fashion stylist based out of Toronto Canada.  Neelesh shared his insights on men’s style and the Toronto fashion landscape. Due to the interview length we will posting the interview in two parts. Tell us a little bit about yourself […]

The Camouflage Backpack
2 Mar 2012

One thing that I have always been shying away from in men accessories is bags. I was never a fan of the dreaded “man purse “or the equally ridiculous, wearing a fanny pack over the shoulder to hide the fact it’s a fanny pack (Yes, people do this in Toronto). I came to the conclusion […]