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10 Minutes Out the Door Comfy Look
28 Feb 2012

10 mins out the door sounds virtually impossible but with the right tools and quick thinking you can still look cute and feel comfy for the whole day. Like any other day, your routines for leaving the house consists of 3 parts: Make Up, Hair, and Outfit. And to make it happen in 10mins you’ll […]

Do these jeans make my butt look big?
24 Feb 2012

If you are like most women out there you have said these words to another female, “that looks great on you” while truthfully thinking the opposite.  Why do women do this to each other?  Are we all frenemies at heart?  Hardly, I say the truth is something totally different.  I believe majority of women dress […]

The Snake Skin Snapback
15 Feb 2012

I’m not afraid to say it, Street Wear or hip hop inspired clothing has always spoken to me like no other genre of fashion has.  It was my first introduction to any form of fashion, even till this day I still try and incorporate some aspects of street wear into my personal style. Anyone that […]

Winter Essentials: Down Vest
2 Feb 2012

Like all seasons, winter has its up’s and down’s. There are some days when you need a winter jacket, and there are some days when the temperature is mild enough to leave the down jacket at home. For those warm and mild winter days, there is nothing better than a down vest. The down vest […]