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The D.I.Y. Headband
30 Jan 2012

I’ve been recently searching for a cute headband to counter our late winter weather, wind, snow…and all that crappy stuff. I personally don’t wear tuques as they are too hot in-door. And if I do take them off, they make my hair flat, oily, and staticky. So I thought wooly headbands would be a great […]

The Buffalo Plaid Shirt
24 Jan 2012

Plaid has made a comeback in the past decade, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Most men have some sort of plaid in their wardrobe. Wearing plaid is great but a common mistake is wearing the wrong type of plaid for the season. For example, a lot of men are wearing vibrant plaid shirts […]

Winter Essentials: Down Winter Jacket
19 Jan 2012

All men should have a functional and stylish winter jacket in their winter wardrobe. Being from a city where the daily high is a frosty -15, fall jackets like toggles and pea coats won’t get you through frosty mornings and dreadful winter nights. When it comes to choosing a winter jacket, functionality is king. Winter […]

Winter Essentials: Shawl Collar Knit Sweater
12 Jan 2012

Winter in Toronto is often a game of survival; most men often forget about trying to look presentable and don as many layers as possible to keep warm.  One winter essential that has the ability to keep you warm and looking sharp is the Shawl Collar Knit sweater. A shawl collar is defined as a […]

Hong Kong , A Style Void
9 Jan 2012

Hong Kong is a city that is unlike any other in Asia; very modern and futuristic, yet mindful of Chinese culture and traditions. For those who’ve never been, it’s a shoppers’ paradise – there’s tons of shops, close late and are even open on public holidays. Whenever I get a chance to visit, I look […]

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