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Fall Essentials: The Proper Fitting Zip Hoodie
30 Oct 2011

One piece that I think often gets overlooked as being not fashionable and too casual is the hoodie. In my opinion, a proper hoodie can be dressed up and worn casually without looking sloppy. When picking a hoodie for the fall and winter, I keep three things in mind: the fit, fabric and style of […]

Fall: The Onion Factor
20 Oct 2011

The Onion Factor in fashion, like its name, means layers or layering. We all know that our Canadian fall weather is like a girl’s PMS, it fluctuates between morning and night. So it’s always a good idea to keep in mind of the onion factor when wardrobing yourself in the morning. As the day goes, you’ll […]

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Fall Essentials: The Pea Coat
4 Oct 2011

I would like to introduce some essential pieces for the fall season. I noticed a trend in Toronto menswear whenever fall season approaches. A lot of the time, I see that guys are literally lost in transition when it comes to fall wear. When it’s around 7 to 10 degrees out, guys either wear long […]

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